4 cubic yard container  

Type: 4 Yards
Dimensions: 7.5'd x 5'w x 4'h

Typical Usage: Household Trash Removal, Leaf, Brush & Landscape Debris Removal

SCALE Click to see standard twin mattress overlay


LOADING: when loading a container, please ensure that the container lids are completely closed. We wouldn't want debris falling onto anyone or bumping into exposed debris.

MATERIALS: construction materials such as bricks, concrete or asphalt shingles will be too heavy for most containers, and MUST require special handling. If this is the case please notify our office prior to container delivery.

SAFETY: toxic material is FORBIDDEN. No materials like, but not limited to, batteries, chemical products, flammables, hazardous/medical waste, pesticides or appliance are to be placed into the containers. Special handling of these items must be handled separately.

Safety is a top priority for Mickey's Carting. To ensure that employees are free from harm a properly loaded container is a must.